The Elli Papaemmanuil Lab Department of Computational Oncology, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Clinical and Research Support Tools

Isabl Platform
Isabl Platform A digital biobank for processing multimodal patient data

Plug-and-play data science framework designed to support the processing of multimodal patient-centric data at scale. Free license available for Academic and Non-for profit Research.

IPSS-M Risk Calculator
IPSS-M Risk Calculator MDS Prognosis Calculator

Newest MDS prognosis calculator that combines genomic profiling with hematologic and cytogenetic parameters, improving the risk stratification of patients with MDS.

AML Clinical Support
AML Clinical Support Classification and Risk Stratification Calculator

Web tool to compute Tazi et al. proposed classification and risk stratification hierarchy for patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

High-risk Neuroblastoma Viewer
High-risk Neuroblastoma Viewer An interactive navigator for clonal evolution

Neuroblastoma is a very complex disease, in Gundem et al. study the viewer helps visualize each unique case of progression, metastasis and clonal evolution.